Design Loop: Recycled Guitar

The design process for my homemade guitar is almost done and I have started taking measurements for a more precise model. When first starting out with the project, I drew a picture of a basic electric guitar and tried to identify all of the essential parts.

For each one, I had to figure out exactly how each component did its job within the framework of the guitar. From there, I tried to figure out what things I have that I could use to model those parts as accurately as possible to build my own. The next thing I did was draw a picture of a tennis racket and try and fit each of the parts from the 1st picture onto the body of the tennis racket.

I decided that I needed something to elevate the strings from the body, so I decided on L-brackets that I would mount to the racket itself. For the tuning pins, I will need to find something to wind the strings around at the end. The next step will probably be figuring out a way to amplify the sound and starting to put the prototype together.

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  • It is awesome that the guitar is coming together nicely! Are you planning on using it as a lap guitar or a more traditional that sits upright? For amplifying the sound, I would probably recommend some kind of microphone. I don’t know how many strings you have, but if its less than 6, it may be easier just to use an old microphone. If you do have 6 strings, you can probably build a pickup or just find an old pickup or hum bucker that you can fix to the body of the guitar. I would stay away from making your own pickups, they take a long time to wind and are very easy to mess up. This would need to be wired to a 6.3mm jack, but the wiring for that would be pretty straightforward. Let me know if you need any help!

  • Alexandra Rivas
    February 12, 2017 9:00 pm

    This sounds like it will be really cool when you finish it! You were much more ambitious than I was with this project. Your design loop starts with a pre made decision on a tennis racket guitar. I wonder, did you have any other ideas you were choosing between? Did you make this decision based off of what materials you knew that you had?


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