Design Loop Reality: Q-Tip Sculpture

I will be making some sort of Q-Tip sculpture for my project. I will most likely be imitating something organic, such as a tree or a human skull. I’m not 100% sure on exactly what I’m doing or what aesthetic I will be aiming for but I have collected materials (Q-Tips, superglue, and markers). This puts me in the refine idea phase of my design loop right after the gather materials step. The next step is to figure out what I will be modeling and in what aesthetic. I need to do some testing with the structure to see how far I can push it and how well it cooperates with different styles. I also need to test how well colors take to the structure using markers and whether or not I need something else to brighten up my model.

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  • It’s great to find an expert who can exapiln things so well

  • Jeremy Parsons
    February 12, 2017 5:54 pm

    Following up on Colton’s comment: I am excited to see what you do end up with, with a simple material such a Q-tips there is a lot of room left for design freedom and employing some unique ideas. Since we discussed your original idea in class, I have also been curious to see if you will end up using only the Q-tips or adding supplementary materials/colors. I suppose this definitely does fall into the “refining and repeating” stage you have outlined. I am excited to see what you will produce!

  • It is not surprising to see a lot of arrows back in your design cycle. Making something like this seems like a lot of trial and error! Creating something out of a material like Q-tips will be a completely new learning experience. I’m also interested in the step you labeled as “Color structure.” I think having a colorful piece made of Q-tips will be much cooler than a plain white one, but I also think coloring would be a challenge. Good luck!


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