Upcycle Presentation and Report Requirements

Upcycle Presentations

In class next week, all three days, we will have presentations in pods, groups of teams. These will be the pods for the rest of the semester too, so remember your pod assignment, shown below. Your pod has an assigned facilitator/timekeeper/session chair to keep things moving along. Locations for the presentations will be in spaces in the ITLL with projectors; I’ll let you know as soon as they get figured out.

Each student will give a presentation on their Upcycle project, with the content of the presentation to mirror the written report, detailed below. You can choose to bring your physical artifact to your presentation or not, although I recommend you bring it; everyone will want to admire it.  Plan to talk for 9 minutes, then take 2 minutes for Q&A, then one minute for the next speaker to get set up while others are commenting. This way 4 students can speak each period. The order of speakers will be set by who volunteers to go next, but if desired your pod can decide to set an order.

It’s up to you to make sure your computer works with the projector. If it doesn’t work, be prepared to have a backup on a thumbdrive to show on somebody else’s laptop or speak without it. DO NOT depend on downloading or showing your presentation in a browser; everybody will be online so there won’t be enough bandwidth.

Plan to have a teammate video your talk on your phone or camera, to add to your posted report. Yes, this is required. If your video turns out awful for some reason, you may re-record your talk afterwards and post that. I recommend you test your setup in advance.

Everyone is expected to bring a laptop or other online device to comment on your podmates’ presentations, live in class. Even on the days you are not presenting, you must attend and comment. This is another opportunity to hone your critique skills.

Upcycle Reports/Blog

  • Title/blog spaceholder due 11 am Monday Feb 13, so your pod can comment on it during your presentation. Complete report due as blog post, midnight Weds Feb 15.
  • Set a Featured Image.
  • OK to cut and paste from Inspiration, Progress and Process Reality posts.
  • Describe and cite your inspirations and any existing designs that you adapted. You must cite ALL content on your blogs for this course! Any photo that you did not take, any text that you did not write MUST have a citation, a source link. If you can’t remember where you got something DON’T USE IT. Go back and search for something similar that you can cite. Please go back and correct your first three posts ASAP.
  • Describe your vision for your project, the specifications that you developed for its function and its form, (your artistic vision). What were you trying for?
  • Describe your actual design process vs ideal. Compare to your design process graphic. Can you create a new graphic that would be more descriptive? For example, are there stubs, dead ends? Did it seem more linear than iterative, loopy?
  • Add any other useful details to a description of the final artifact and how you made it. Document with lots of photos or video.
  • Compare what you achieved to your FUNCTIONAL goals.
  • Compare what you achieved to your ARTISTIC goals. This your aesthetic, your metric.
  • What is next? Will you refine this artifact? Keep it, recycle it, try again someday?
  • Include a link to the video you made of your live presentation. If you want this to appear with a play button instead of a Featured Image, insert the link to your video (upload to YouTube or Vimeo) as the first text in your post, and set your post type to Video.

Pod Assignments

Pod A

Aulwurm, Kyle kyle.aulwurm@colorado.edu 4
Parsons, Jeremy


jeremy.t.parsons@colorado.edu 4
Van Dreser, Sam samuel.vandreser@colorado.edu 4
Herfert, Tori tori.herfert@colorado.edu 1
Pearson, Emily emily.o.pearson@colorado.edu 1
Silverman, Jake jake.silverman@colorado.edu 1
Savath, Jason jason.savath@colorado.edu 18
Speedy, Jimmy jimmy.speedy@colorado.edu 18
Anderson, Avery byron.anderson@colorado.edu 9
Lowenstein, Scott scott.lowenstein@colorado.edu 9
Wheeler, Jack jack.wheeler@colorado.edu 9


Pod B

Cortright, Levi levi.cortright@colorado.edu 7
Palandeng, Sara sara.palandeng@colorado.edu 7
Sadighi, Kira


kira.sadighi@colorado.edu 7
Arellano, Blake blar6006@colorado.edu 2
Romero, Errol errol.romero@colorado.edu 2
Alibrandi, Dean dean.alibrandi@colorado.edu 16
Gurule, Marcus marcus.gurule@colorado.edu 16
Holce, Todd todd.holce@colorado.edu 16
Al Balushi, Faisal faisal.albalushi@colorado.edu 14
Watkins, Olivia olivia.watkins@colorado.edu 14
Yarnell, Katherine katherine.n.yarnell@colorado.edu 14


Pod C

Hara, Shohei shohei.hara@colorado.edu 8
Kan, Jian jian.kan@colorado.edu 8
Thompson, Alexander


alexander.c.thompson@colorado.edu 8
Lefholz, Tyler tyler.lefholz@colorado.edu 3
Marcoux, Preston preston.marcoux@colorado.edu 3
Miller, Hunter hunter.miller@colorado.edu 3
Clark, Matthew matthew.r.clark@colorado.edu 13
Lien, Alexander alexander.lien@colorado.edu 13
Scrimgeour, Maxfield maxfield.scrimgeour@colorado.edu 13


Pod D

Fried, Benjamin


benjamin.fried@colorado.edu 15
Oh, Kevin kevin.oh@colorado.edu 15
Swanson, Connor connor.swanson@colorado.edu 15
Behr, Colton colton.behr@colorado.edu 5
Goldenberg, Branden branden.goldenberg@colorado.edu 5
Nelson, Jon jonathan.nelson-1@colorado.edu 5
Forsyth, Ryan ryan.forsyth@colorado.edu 6
Gresh, Katie katie.gresh@colorado.edu 6
Schuppan, Oksana oksana.schuppan@colorado.edu 6


Pod E

Nigam, Siddharth


siddharth.nigam@colorado.edu 17
Rivas, Alexandra alexandra.rivas@colorado.edu 17
Ulrich, Morgan morgan.ulrich@colorado.edu 17
Caffes, Levi levi.caffes@colorado.edu 11
Hammerton, Emma emily.hammerton@colorado.edu 11
Woolley, Luke luke.woolley@colorado.edu 11
Completo, Cyron cyron.completo@colorado.edu 12
Leroux, Sofi sofi.leroux@colorado.edu 12
Rejto, Ethan ethan.rejto@colorado.edu 12
Daniel, Ryan ryan.daniel@colorado.edu 10
Gopal, Ridhvik ridhvik.gopal@colorado.edu 10
Govindarajan, Gautham gautham.govindarajan@colorado.edu 10
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