Skills and Aspirations: Jack Wheeler

My name is Jack Wheeler and I am a mechanical engineering major who will be graduating this May. I have lived in Colorado for most of my life, and I am really happy with my decision to come to CU-Boulder. Out of all the places in Colorado, Boulder is by far my favorite one to live in, and I will be looking for a job that allows me to stay here after graduation. I would really like to work as a designer or CAD engineer once I graduate, and I hope to get to work with a project I am passionate about. I have enjoyed some parts of the engineering school, generally the classes that include building projects. Though some of the more technical classes can get really tough, it definitely feels like an accomplishment to get through them.

My favorite parts of engineering by far are modelling and building projects. Solidworks is definitely the program that I am best with, and I really enjoy the process of designing a part on the computer and then being able to construct a real-life version of it. I took this class because it seemed like a good opportunity to be creative and work on the design aspect of engineering. This will help me a lot as I start to get into the workforce, as I will be looking at mostly jobs on that side of things.

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  • Scott Lowenstein
    February 26, 2017 5:52 pm

    I am not a Colorado native, but I couldn’t agree more with you about what a beautiful place Colorado is to live and work! From what I saw in your upcycle project, it looks like you have a knack for designing and building interesting projects. Do you have a sense of which industry for which you would be most suited, or in which you would be most interested in working? Keep up the great work!


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