Skill Sets and Aspirations

Skill Set:

I’m Gautham and as a Graduate Student in the Mechanical Engineering Design program, my basic skill set would be that of any other ME student. I have experiences in pretty much most of the CAD softwares like SolidWorks, NX-CAD, Catia, Pro-E and AutoCAD. At this stage I can learn the basics in any new CAD software within a week’s time. I am also familiar with the basic machining tools. I worked in a project last semester which involved a lot of wood working and I am quite comfortable in working with wood. Although, in my opinion,woodworking comes out really good if we work in pairs. Sketching isn’t my strongest suit. But, I’m hoping to change that by the end of this semester. I’m good st sketching rectangular objects. However my curves and shadows could be do with some improvements. From my recent project experiences, I have developed an ability to analyze the failure modes of a design quickly. Even though this might seem like a thing that could bring down the energy of a team, it has proved useful in certain situations.


With three years experience in the automobile industry as a product design engineer, I would like to continue in the path I have started. I’d like to see myself in a challenging engineering environment where my academic skills would help improve the organization and the society as a whole. I was a part of the team that designed Windshield wipers for passenger cars before joining Grad school. I was once talking to a customer during a survey who didn’t know I was the wiper engineer. He told me that the wipers really helped him get home safely during a thunderstorm. That was one of the proudest moments of my life. I aspire to be that person who could make a difference in the world no matter how tiny or insignificant that difference may seem.

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  • Your industry experience is definitely beyond most in this course. I could see that experience, especially in dealing with design analysis and critique being a very useful resource in this course.

  • I like that as part of your aspirations, you are looking for a challenge. I also like that you have already been able to experience times in your career where someone has mentioned to you that your creation works. That must be a great feeling.


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