Main Project Inspiration – Vanity Mirror

For this project I really wanted to focus on function, as my upcycle project was art for art sake. I wanted to push myself in creating something I am totally unfamiliar with. However, I also wanted to make something I know I will use. Whether I want to admit it to myself or not, I know I will do better work if I know this is a product I want to use. After a lot of different ideas, I decided to go with a vanity mirror. I saw one in a store and it was so expensive! I figure it is something that I’d be able to figure out how to make on my own.

There are many ways I could go about this: exposed lightbulbs vs hidden bulbs, shape/size of mirror, border on mirror. I am hoping to find recycled mirrors or thrifted mirrors for this project. The design around the border should be fun to create, like in the featured images, the light bulbs are sort of camouflaged by the flowers. I need to look at the aesthetic of my bedroom (where the final project will be) and decide what sort of design will look best. 



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  • Morgan Ulrich
    March 5, 2017 9:31 pm

    Alex this is so dope! Great idea. I agree about working harder on a project you will actually use. I’m so excited to see how your vanity works out. Do you think it’ll make putting on makeup faster or slower?


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