Main Project Inspirations: Ben Fried

For my main project, I would like like to build a fully functional object that I am able to keep and use for the future.  As I mentioned in blog post 1, I believe things I own should have a specific function, even if it as simple as a relic that jogs a memory or makes me wonder.  I don’t need any useless items, and I want everything I own to have value.  With that said, I have been thinking about things that I use everyday, which I may be able to redesign with a new, aesthetically pleasing look.  For me, finding an aesthetic is not the difficult part, it’s the need-finding process which I struggle with.  I believe I can build anything and add an aesthetic to it with ease.

Below is a list of items I have considered making for the final project.

Everyday items:

Water boiler
Coffee Grinder
French Press
Laptop/Laptop Case
Dining table

After I considered the core items I use daily, I thought about random items that I don’t own, that would be “nice to have”:

Chess Board/Cribbage board matching set
Thermometer to hang up outside (digital or analog)
Cell phone charger stand (elegant)
Bamboo ski poles
Lamp/Light assembly w/ charging station
Coffee Bean storage container
Military coin holder

In the ski world, another trend that has grown lately is bamboo poles, and the look of bamboo on other things, such as composite poles, or skis.

I currently have a great pair of adjustable poles,


and really love them for the versatile things I do.  With bamboo increasing in popularity, I thought it might be a challenge to create a pair of height adjustable bamboo ski poles.  There is nothing like this on the market, and I believe there may be an interest for them (at least amongst my friends).  Whenever I am out skiing, I pitch the idea to my friends and see what type of interest is out there.

The big challenge is the engineering behind the adjust mechanisms.  This poses a challenge that I’ve yet to overcome.  I’ve been drawing and sketching thoughts and ideas, trying to figure out how to make these, but if I cannot overcome this design soon, I will probably be forced to find another final project.

Right now, my next choice would be a matching chess/cribbage set.  The aesthetic I would probably shoot for would be a fancy wood/marbled wood, or a natural tree ring look, something that looks like the image below.



I like the aesthetic look of wood, and I also enjoy woodworking, finding it relaxing.  With the MakerSpace on campus, it is also a great space to learn.



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