Top Five Constraints – Vanity Mirror

  1. Aesthetic: Right now I am stuck between two aesthetics. One, (first image below) is a classic, sleek rendition of a vanity mirror. This is the most common design for this type of mirror. The second aesthetic I’m considering reminds me of a sort of delicate/natural aesthetic. (see second photo) The sort of wildflower design makes the mirror much more visually appealing. Sort of like an art piece than doubles as a mirror rather than just a mirror. I would but the flowers on a white frame to follow along more with a natural aesthetic. The only problem I could see with this floral aesthetic would be changing themes in my bedroom where bright florals would no longer match.

  2. Frame: If my mirror comes without a frame, I need to find one/build one. The frame needs to be easily manipulated (to drill holes/decorate) but it needs to be strong and stable.
  3. Lightbulbs: I would like it if the lightbulb brightness could be adjusted but I’m not sure what kind of work goes in to that. I also need to get lightbulbs that will not make be burn up if I sit in front of them for a while. Putting on makeup or fixing my hair is no fun if I’m sweaty doing it.
  4. Cost: I hope to keep this relatively cheap. Vanity mirrors can run for up to a couple hundred dollars. I have seen some DIY versions on Pinterest that I will try to follow. This all depends on what kind of recycled mirrors I can find: the mirror will definitely be the most expensive part. If I don’t find any quality mirrors I will be forced to buy one which will increase the cost greatly.
  5. Mounting: I don’t want the mirror to have to lean up against a wall. I either want it to sit up straight on its own or be easily mountable to the wall without too much trouble or wall damage.



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  • Sofi Leroux
    March 8, 2017 6:38 pm

    I really like this idea and you’ll get good use out of it. Personally, I am more of a minimalist and prefer the lights around the border. Additionally, you could program them to do cool things: for example, you could add a dimmer or have them flash (on/off or maybe different colors depending on the choice of bulbs). You’d have to consider the heat output with lightbulbs as well as some safety considerations. Unfortunately, the lightbulbs may be more expensive which is a bummer.

  • Tori Herfert
    March 7, 2017 7:48 pm

    This idea is so fun and you will definitely be able to use it when it is over, which is awesome. I really like the outlining of the flowers, over the lighting ones. I feel like it is very easy to find a mirror with lighting aligning it, but it is rare to find one with flowers around it. Another obstacle seems to be the cost. I personally shopped for a lot of my supplies at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and I think you could definitely be successful there! Good job!


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