Skill and Aspirations

I am pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. My skill sets related to engineering include my current education, proficiency in Solidworks, and experience in fabrication and machining. Outside of engineering, I enjoy sketching and drawing. Previously, I designed a housing case for an HVAC sensor for a company. This design relied heavily on Solidworks and learning the constraints of injection molding, however it also allowed me the expression to solve each problem how I wanted to and apply my own aesthetic to the final product. This experience has helped me focus on where I aspire to be in mechanical engineering.

I aspire to work on either a design team or as a consultant for injection molding plastics. By improving my skills in solid works and adding to my work experience, I believe I could be a candidate for either of these positions. In both positions there is a need for creativity and flexibility. Ultimately though, both positions involve creating multiple products a year and constantly keeping me involved in the design cycle. The design aspect is what appeals to me most in engineering, so combining that aspect with my love for drawing seems like a natural fit.

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