Top 5 Constraints

My biggest constraint for this project is of course my skill level, I asm not an engineer. My next constraint sort of combines two, my material and my aesthetic, is the aesthetic, for the prototype I have decided to use a wood board instead of metal for my checkers board. Because of the natural qualities of wood I want to give it a woodsy and naturalistic feel, just like the Pintrest photos below.

Another constraint is the tool I am using, a wood burning stylus. I want to practice different designs on this prototype before the real thing. But I have never used this tool before and definitely need to watch some tutorials on the best ways to do it. I also have no idea what type of wood I have and how the burner will react to this type of wood. My last constraint is the size of the wood I have I can only do so much with the small size!

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  • What is your actual project, though? Wood burning is so cool! I hope it works out for you. I think you should proofread your blog posts, though… it feels very short and rather scattered, as though you made several changes and didn’t go back to make sure it still reads clearly. Punctuation is missing and words are doubled in close proximity. Also you gave “Pinterest” as a source, but it’s really an aggregate of other sources… in order to cite properly, you need to look at the actual post and give credit to the people who created the object, took the photo, or posted it for the first time. They look like they’ve given you a good idea of where you want to go though, and I’m excited to see what you’re able to do with your chosen material and process. There are many great wood-working and wood burning videos and tutorials all over.


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