20th Century Design Movements: Windmill

For my windmill project, the main aesthetic I was attempting to achieve was an old countryside aesthetic. Windmills were invented several hundreds of years ago, and used to mill grain by farmers where they could be build into existing landscapes. The way I am planning on making it mirror this aesthetic is by building the base out of stone and making it resemble the vintage look as possible, and using the customary 4 blade design with some kind of fabric to cover them up.

The three alternate aesthetics that I could attempt are:

  1. Clean, modern look
  2. Futuristic look
  3. Simple windmill

Clean Modern Look:

This type of windmill would look a lot like the modern wind turbines that are seen all across the landscape in Midwestern states. They are usually really simple designs with a uniform white color.

Futuristic Look:

One thing that was suggested to me during my Design Review that I thought was really interesting was to put LED powered lights on the ends of the windmill blades. This would be an interesting way of making the windmill provide a useful function. To match this aesthetic I would need to use a pretty modern material/finish for the body of the windmill as well, which could be done by using some kind of metal.

Simple Windmill:

I could also build a basic windmill, similar to the ones that are seen commonly on farms now. This would likely have smaller blades made of a lighter material. These can just be meant to spin with the wind and serve as an object to be on display.



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  • Muhammad Waqar
    April 17, 2021 2:30 am

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  • Kira Sadighi
    April 4, 2017 11:10 am

    Hi Jack,
    I wonder if the “old countryside” aesthetic could be articulated as a 20th century design aesthetic as “Arts and Crafts” maybe? Similarly, maybe “simple” is a type of modernism. There’s lots of different categories of modern to choose from. Your project is tricky because it is based on designs that happened before the 20th century, unlike a lot of other projects which are more modern. I like your idea of creating a windmill that looks like the originals, maybe while combining modern electronics. Some sketches would be a great addition to this post to see more clearly what you’re thinking about.


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