Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design Movements: Butterfly Knife

As of now I have a minimalist, rust decay aesthetic for my knife. I want the handles hollowed out to be seen through and make it light weight. The rust/decay look will come from anodizing the metal.

I would like to capture these colors but not the rust.

Here are a few sketches of how I might want to design my knife:


3 Different aesthetics I never considered for my project are:

– Organic:

Making a completely wooden knife would look really cool but would have no real function.


– Art Deco:

The flashy gold is definitely not the norm for knives.


– Radical Design:$_12.JPG

The curved handles seem hard to create and might not cover the blade well.


I hadn’t considered these aesthetics before but they have helped me think of some new ideas to incorporate into my project.


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