Construction Timeline: Japanese Jewelry Box

My construction timeline for creating my Japanese jewelry box is linear and pretty simple. For this weekend, I intend to finish designing and fabricating the mechanism for unlocking a secret compartment in the box. By next weekend, I plan to have the woodworking finished. This includes cutting each side of the box to size and completing the carvings on each side. By early the following week, I intend to have the outer finishing, such as sanding and painting as well as interior decorations completed. Finally, that weekend is my intended deadline for full project completion and functionality inspection.

As of so far, I still have yet to acquire wood. I know that I need to jump on it however I work well under pressure. Therefore, my first task for this week is to source and purchase the wood that I want to use (Balsa wood, likely from McGuckins or Home Depot). I will also obtain the items for the internal features like the red fabric that I intend to use. I have been playing with the idea of laquering, but I think that I will leave that until I see the finished product un-laquered.

I am very excited to get a jump on this project and can’t wait to hold the finished product!

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  • Jason Savath
    April 6, 2017 4:32 pm

    Balsa wood is really soft and light, so if that is something you were considering then it would be a good choice. Seems like you are crunched on time, so I hope everything works out!


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