Final Stretch: Vanity Mirror

Time has gotten away from me a little bit on this project. I need to get going on this again!
I have been researching ways to mount my mirror in a really sturdy way, however I have really strict rules about hanging stuff on the walls of my apartment. I also will be moving out of there soon, so I kind of like the ability to have both vanity bars with the lightbulbs be a separate piece from the mirror.  This makes my vanity mirror three separate pieces that can be altered or redesigned whenever I feel like it. For my purposes, I like this. Since I am keeping myself within a strict budget, I am not going to be buying a nicer/bigger mirror for this project….yet. The separate pieces will allow me to buy a bigger mirror later down the road and align the vanity bars to the size of the mirror. The vanity mirror can grow and change as I do. Because of this budget,  I will not be going to ReSource to look for another mirror like I originally thought. I will be working with what I have. To temporarily mount the mirror for the next two months before I move out I will probably use strategically placed and well hidden clear thumbtacks. I have gotten really good at using thumbtacks to hang up all sorts of things. When I move, I will come up with a more sophisticated way to mount my mirror.

The next thing is the wiring that I still need to figure out. I know my team would definitely be willing to help me out on this, but I have decided that I want to figure this out on my own! prove to myself that I can do it. I will obviously be using google/youtube for help but I am determined to figure this out.

Since the only step left is the wiring, I can really get this done quickly once I just set aside a few hours in one day. I’m planning on this weekend. I will also be sticking with my masonry aesthetic. I like that my vanity bars look like stone sconces and it mixes well with the simple minimalist mirror (the no frame on the mirror and standard square shape makes it very simple). Again, I can always peel off the contact paper and pick different contact paper to make a new aesthetic.  The versatility of my vanity mirror is exciting to me.


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  • Sofi Leroux
    May 10, 2017 2:30 pm

    I like that you plan to separate your vanity mirror into 3 parts for the time being. I think it will be easier to move and change until you decide on a final set up later down the road. Definitely allow yourself a lot of time for wiring!! Electronics can be much more complicated than expected, and if you’re unfamiliar with them, maybe enlist some help from your team mates!! Good luck.

  • I really like the idea to separate it into 3 pieces. It adds great versatility and it also allows you to get around your constraints while keeping the ideal functionality. It’ll be impressive to have the masonry look, while keeping the weight manageable so you can still hang it. When you start wiring it, what kind of a light switch will you use? I’m looking forward to seeing the final product!

  • It’s great that you are leaving room to progress on your design by using the 3 pieces to allow for adding a larger mirror. For hanging on your wall could you maybe use some sort of hook system? I know you can buy those hooks that stick to the wall and you could hang the wire on the back of your mirror to this hook! Good luck!


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