Bear Spray Light Final Report Part 2

After completing my second prototype, which was my first 3D printed part, I realized that I needed to change the design to fit the 9V battery I am using for this project. I also wanted to go back and add a hole for a button that was already pre-measured instead of guessing after the fact. With these in mind, I went ahead and redid my 3D printed model to include these changes in design. I also redesigned the circuitry such that I have the amount of LEDs and switch that I was hoping to achieve.

Once the 3D printed part was complete, I actually ended up giving it to my dad for his 50th birthday.. and he loved it!! His eyes lit up and now we are talking about starting a business based on his great ideas and my knowledge on 3D printed and how to turn an idea into a real physical item.

At Expo, I got a lot of people really interested in my product. I think my idea is something that most people don’t realize they need but once I told them, everyone seemed shocked that it wasn’t already a product on the market.

The biggest thing I took from this class was how to take an idea and make it one: stand out based on its aesthetics and two: how to actually take an idea and make it into a product. This relates particularly to the circuitry part. Before this project, I always assumed I was incompetent when it came to circuits, partly because I almost failed my Circuits class. After this project, and much struggling I must add, I was able to figure out the LEDs, how to put them in parallel and how to connect that to a momentary switch. It’s exciting to know that now matter what problem is given to me, I have the skills and a way of thinking now to know that I will figure it out. Even if it takes a while! Overall, I am very proud of my work and was glad to have taken this class and gotten to do such a cool project!



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