Final Project Report 2: iTunes Hologram

I now have had the pleasure of presenting my iTunes Hologram at the engineering expo.  What a treat to be there among so many innovations and brilliants minds!


My next steps for my project may be broken down as follows:

  1. Create additional videos.
  2. Attain footage from four directions to create an image that is truly 3-dimensional.
  3. Integrate a larger display.
  4. Improve the quality of adhesive but maintain flexibility.
  5. Use the laser cutter again.
  6. Integrate into product demos for use at trade shows.


My plan and execution were closely aligned during the creation of my final project, contrary to what I experienced during the creation of my Upcycle Project.  I began with ideas including a projected hop-scotch pattern that children could program both outside and inside.  However, given the scope of the class, I did not believe it was realistic for me to create this given our two-month time constraint.  Instead, I chose to investigate other options having to do with light and projection.  I am deeply passionate regarding video editing so I chose to put these skills to use as well.  I knew from the start that I wanted to create a hologram to mimic the iTunes dance campaign so I immediately began research on this topic.

I am pleased with the way my project turned out.  The time it took to program each dancer to perfectly correspond with the beat of the music and colors of the campaign were entirely worth it.  Below is a quick preview:


However, my physical hologram “reflector” did not turn out exactly as I had planned.  For one, I learned that it is important not to remove the protective seal before laser cutting acrylic.  This thin layer of plastic actually protects the acrylic from excess melted material which would have helped in the overall perfection of the product.  Additionally, I had not imagined I would use duct tape in the final design to hold my panels together, but I actually believe this sleek, silver look to fit my Apple aesthetic with precision.


I must first say that I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more at this fantastic event.  So many talented students and I loved seeing everyone’s hard work coming to fruition.  I, for one, have never before had the chance to participate in an expo as a business student, so this was a fantastic eye-opener for me.  I have learned a great deal about interdisciplinary collaboration throughout this process, and I would like to act as a catalyst in forming a way in which disciplines within educational systems may interact in more productive and valuable ways in the future.

The public reacted positively to my design.  They were deeply fascinated and were curious to know how it works.  I loved explaining how very simple the concept was – just a basic light reflection!  However, I realize that there is great beauty in the simplicity of my design overall…perhaps even the simple functionality of my design mirrors the values of the Apple brand.  I loved speaking with a multitude of people of all ages and backgrounds at the event.  Two of my favorite guests were as follows.  The first was an elderly man who loved to dance and requested that I rewind to a specific dance move in the sequence that he claimed he had created.  The second was a little boy no older than three years old who laughed as I tickled the dancer and then had him give it a try.  Truly a blast!



Aesthetics of Design has been my favorite class as an undergrad.  Part of me wonders how life might be different had I chosen engineering as a degree instead of business.  Honestly, if I were to do it all over again, my most fitting area of study may very well have been industrial design.

Below are just a few reasons I was invigorated by this class:

  1. Interdisciplinary collaboration
  2. Psychology regarding principles of design
  3. Hands-on creation
  4. Opportunity to work beyond a prototype
  5. Collaboration with a talent team
  6. Creativity, creativity, creativity!
  7. Access to engineering workshops & resources
  8. Challenge to learn new skills
  9. Large degree of freedom in project selection
  10. Pod presentations and helpful critiques/feedback
  11. Sketching practice & instruction
  12. Learning for the sake of learning
  13. Focus on both function and form
  14. Upbeat class setting and lectures
  15. Holistic approach to design

In terms of what I have learned from this class, please see the list below.

  1. Interdisciplinary teamwork
  2. Sketching/perspective/shading
  3. Art history & design movements
  4. Color physics & perception
  5. Geometric aesthetics including the Fibonacci sequence, Golden Ratio, etc.
  6. Anthropomorphic effects and biomimicry
  7. Ideation techniques


Wherever life may take me, I have no doubt that I will remain a designer in one capacity or another.  My hope is to use what I have learned to help others!  I know I will look back fondly at this incredibly unique class, and I’m thankful it found its way into my busy senior year schedule!  As business students, we are often encouraged to take the path of least resistance (Big 4, Consulting, Oil & Gas, etc.) but experiences as such have encouraged me to seek that which is unreasonable.  Thank you!

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  • Alexander Thompson
    May 2, 2017 10:48 pm

    Fantastic project! I love that you sought to make a project inspired by an aesthetic similar to the old iTunes commercials with the silhouettes. And you were obviously able to challenge yourself to use concepts from geometry to complex video editing. Great work with the aesthetic, it absolutely looks fancier than something you could buy from a store, and way cooler. I saw your project in person at the expo as well and was very impressed. It looks professionally done but I could tell you put more thought into it than any industrial manufacturers would. Honestly, I can’t think of any way to improve upon your project design. As long as you are happy with the end result, I am thoroughly impressed! Great job!

  • Tori Herfert
    May 2, 2017 3:32 pm

    I was blown away by your project at expo. The way you programmed the music with the different dance moves was awesome. You explained it to me at expo, but I am still blown away by the complexity and time that went into making this look the way it looked. It kind of reminded me of the different itunes advertisements from the early days of Apple.
    I think that it is interesting you are considering if you chose the wrong major or not. There is definitely ways to mesh the business program with the engineering program. Have you considered a minor? It may be a lot to take on but if you are passionate about industrial design you should definitely consider a minor and you could tie that in to what you are learning in business!
    Again, good job. I have never seen something like this at an expo, and I commend your achievements.

  • Alexander Lien
    May 2, 2017 12:54 pm

    I had the opportunity to check out this project in expo and it was very unique and totally rad, great work. Seeing this with a ‘truly 3D image’ made up of different angles of the same dancer might be even cooler! It’s cool that this project and class has encouraged to add some diversity to what you do and veer off of the ‘path of least resistance’ since innovation and new ideas almost never come easy.

    Even though the hop-scotch programming idea fell through, I think you may have come away with something even cooler. The dancing hologram was really sweet. This is something I could see being implemented into some kind of speaker box that might make a very cool and marketable product. Hopefully you can run with this idea and make it even better! Great work.


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