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I found two upcycle ideas that I was truly torn between. One of them was this idea of using bottle caps to create some crafts. I figured that since we are in a college town, bottle caps have to be one of the most abundant items that can be used for upcycling. Also, the finished products have this raw, hipster look that I find to be both modern and vintage at the same time.

The other craft idea that I was very interested in was using thread and nails. This idea seemed to produce some very cool results. The thread adds a fairly intricate look and can be manipulated to have more or less vibrant colors.

What I decided to move forward with is a combination of the two. I plan on making a city skyline with bottle caps and the thread and nails method. The thread will likely make the sky itself and the caps will construct the buildings.

Chicago Skyline String Art by CactusCustomDesigns on Etsy

The way my design process looks is somewhat intricate. There is a lot of iteration of steps. Right now, I am expanding on my idea. I went through the iterative process of brainstorming and assessing my ideas to make a choice on what I would like to move forward with. What comes next is determine what components I would like to have and how much I would like to spend, which will then indicate what materials I will be using and how big it will be. After that, I will sketch some design and seek feedback on them. I will likely not need a CAD model for this project. Then I will see how the components will integrate and asses my design. This is also an iterative step. Lastly, I will build it and assess to see if anything needs changing.

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