Andrew and Aziz Aesthetics Theme Game

We received shoe horn and Japanese motorcycles for our object and aesthetic. For this post, we will discuss how we designed our shoe horn with this aesthetic in mind and what our final product will look like

We started by looking at how we could incorporate the motorcycle into our design more literally than figuratively. Aziz had the idea for his first drawing of using the motorcycle as the handle of the shoe horn. You can see from the picture below, incorporating this into the design provides a fun spin on the aesthetic and makes it very obvious what theme the shoe horn is trying to portray

For our second image, we tried to make the entire shoe horn look like a motorcycle. You can see from the picture, there are handle bars, side mirrors and a front and back wheel

For our third image, we tried to include all of the visual cues taken from images of Japanese motorcycles from the internet. We used racing decals, racing stripes and small side mirrors to try and decorate the shoe horn in a similar manner to what we saw in our searching. You can see this in the image below

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