Team 1 Aesthetics Game

Our team, comprised of Max Buechler, Yousef AlQattan, and Abdulrahman Alnoaim, was given the object of a bedside table with the aesthetic of Telefoni Bianchi. The design of this mashup that we came up with can be seen below:

This aesthetic comes from a style of Italian movies from the 1930’s. These movies captured the upper class of American society. Given that there was a more classy approach to the set designs, with there almost always being a white telephone present.

The table design is an attempt to capture that aesthetic. While a floral pattern on it, overly curly flairs on the legs of the table, and the token white rotary phone being the only thing present. This captures the idea of the table being more about a display of class and wealth than an actually functional table, as the emphasis is put on the accents and the adornments of the table, even though it only fits one item.

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