Upcycle Inspiration: Bottlecap/Nail and Thread Skyline

I covered most of what inspired me to move forward with this idea for my upcycle project in my last post, so I will recap that in this post. Essentially, I wanted to create a project that was based on something we throw away very often, especially here in Boulder. So immediately, I thought of bottlecaps!


Now, after deciding to use bottle caps, I searched online for upcycle ideas and one that I came across that caught my attention was this idea of using a thread and nails to create some really cool, 3-dimesnional art. So I was conflicted.

Ultimately, I decided to combine the two ideas and make a skyline with the building composed of bottlecaps and the sky will be made out of thread and nails. I am still acquiring the materials, but the plan is to paint the tips of the nails white to act as stars and to use purple thread. I also will incorporate some string lights to give the portrait some life. As for the caps, I selected cold and black out of school spirit.

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