Top 5 Constraints

Originally, I wanted to play around with sensors for my final project. I went ahead and tested some for an idea I had using sound detecting sensors. The idea behind the sensor is that it would sync with the sound rhythms that it detects. Unfortunately, that did not go as I expected since the many tests/applications were poorly demonstrated, and I felt that it was not good enough for a final project. I am thinking of changing my project entirely, since I have not had much time to learn how these certain sensors work. My top 5 constraints are:

  1. Aesthetic: I want the final product to look creative and appealing to the eye as much as I can. I want to explore new aesthetics learned in class/from my peers and try to incorporate them as much as possible.
  2. Time: I had all semester to think of my final project, and I got too hung up on the upcycle project that I did not decide on a consistent direction. I need to choose one path and stick with it.
  3. Cost: Although this is not an upcycle project, my goal is to utilize as many resources available on campus as possible.
  4. Materials: I would like to use materials that hold up better so I can be able to carry it around without it falling apart.
  5. Execution: I want to put my best effort into making the execution to this project better than my upcycle project.
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