Top Five Constraints

  1. Cost: Looking at the kit for the Raspberry PI it could cost me over $200 for everything. I don’t think I need half of the stuff, so I am at probably still almost $100 in just the equipment. I am going to the ITLL tomorrow to see what equipment I can get from them, then asses from there. See figure 1.
  2. Integration: If I want to do a simulation with some type of interface I need to understand how the two will communicate with each other. I need to do more research on what is compatible with the Raspberry PI and the file format for the image. I would think a .gif should be compatible.
  3. Blender: I haven’t even started playing with Blender, and I need to start with a tutorial.
  4. Animation: I need to sketch out the interfacing aesthetic I want to be able to talk to the Raspberry PI.

Figure 1: The total price tag for all the components recommended in the tutorial.

Background: I want to create an interactive computer vision tool, using a Raspberry PI.

Figure 1: This is the Sparkfun tutorial of their computer vision/mapping tool. It is not Christmas anymore, so I want to make an interactive mapping simulation.
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  • Luke Collier
    March 16, 2019 2:19 pm

    This looks like an ambitious project! Well good thing there’s a Sparkfun tutorial on it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I am working on a Raspberry Pi project for a different class and it presents some new ideas.


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