Kinetic Sculpture Timeline

As of this blog post, I’ve acquired all my materials, outlined the general mechanics of my sculpture, and begun the process of construction. First I drilled into a block of wood and glued a wooden pole as my base. I’ve also wrapped the base with a flexible wire, which will hold the two mobiles I plan to create.

For the mobiles, I’m going to be attaching them in a “staircase” structure, which will allow for balance, as well as movement.

Each step will have one wooden rod with an ornament, attaching from its end to somewhere near the end of the next step, for balance.

I’ve cut the rods at staggered lengths and I’ll be stringing them tomorrow (April 3rd). Then, I’ll spend about the next week creating the first mobile. The second mobile will hang opposite the first, again to balance the central structure. Constructing that one should take far less time, since I will already have the experience of making the first.

For the remaining weeks, I’ll add more wire flourishing to the base, for aesthetic purposes, and generally finalizing the look of the sculpture.

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