Construction Timeline

For the final project I am going to build a coat rack with a Dougong outlook. I already create the 3D model for the Dougong. I already have the rack part. So the next step is to print the top part out in ITLL. The 3D print works as a prototype for the whole design. The texture of 3D print is a uncertain point. The final material needs to be determined. LED strips will be implement on the rack as a night light.

Week 1 (From April 1st): Order the material in ITLL during weekday. Finish 3D print in the Sunday. Assemble the prototype.

Week 2 (From April 8th): Improve the model. Order the LED strip online. Manage the strip around rack’s columns. Determine the final material and make it available for final process. If it turns out to be wood, I will begin the carpenter work ASAP.

Week 3 (form April 15th): Attach all components together and polish the surface.

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