Construction Timeline

For my project I am working on the string art with either a lighting portion or a dynamic string spray portion. I have gathered all of my materials aside from the lighting which I am waiting to be shipped. I have a small plaque with the letter “H” traced on, a hammer, a small set of nails, and some yarn. I also have spray paint available according to the contrast I desire.


The rest of my schedule looks a little bit like this:

4/13: Have all materials gathered

4/15: Spray paint the plaque

4/17: Attach nails to the plaque

4/19: Apply yarn to fixture

4/20: Attach lighting to plaque

I hope to apply the lighting in a way where it adds the dynamic effect.

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  • Your timeline is tight but still well spread out so that everything won’t pile up on top of it or feel overwhelming. I would like to see how well you stayed to your planned schedule!


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