Smart Mirror Construction Timeline

Laser Cutting

I will first laser cut the mirror frame out of a large sheet of wood on the laser cutters in the Idea Forge. I will also cut out the back panel that will hold the panel in place. These will be complete by April 10th

Mirror frame and back piece

Mirror sourcing and cutting

I will buy my mirror and have it cut to size at Home Depot, which will reduce the amount of time and effort I will have to put in to getting my mirror the right size. I would also like this to be complete by April 10th

Painting mirror frame

I will purchase paint and decide on a design for my frame. I will also paint the frame with the design that I decided on. I would like to complete this by April 17th

Setting up Raspberry Pi

I will order the microphone and speaker, and install the Alexa agent on the Raspberry pi by April 17th

Back side of frame with Raspberry Pi integrated

Integrate final product and test usability

I would like to put everything together and start testing the usability of my product by April 24th

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  • Christopher Seighman
    April 15, 2019 10:19 pm

    This seems like a good timeline! One thing I’m unclear on is are you utilizing a monitor behind the mirror to have graphics on it?


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