Summing up 2019

This semester began with very little understanding of what aesthetics are and how to design with one in mind. From there exploring a single aesthetic was the first step, with then creating a small scale upcycle project around an aesthetic. The result of that exploration and project was a LEGO mosaic depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a religious image. From there I moved on to the main project for the year, capturing the look and feel of an old arcade in something that fits on a desk. Below, links to all past work in this class can be found.

Mosaic exploration –

Upcycle Inspiration –

Upcycle Progress –

Upcycle Final Report –

Skills and Aspirations –

Top Constraints –

Main Project Inspiration –

Design Review –

Design Comparisons –

Construction Timeline –

Stretch Progress –

Final Report pt 1 –

Final Report pt 2 –

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