Final Project: Final Report Part Two(Self Watering Planter)

In general I am pretty happy with the end result of my project.  Throughout the course of the semester my direction changed slightly based on a change in motivation.  Initially I was under the impression that I would be in a living space that would allow me to easily hang a planter, so my original design was a hanging/standing planter.  This involved a removable shelf and a hook/rope system that could be added to allow for hanging.  Part of the way through the project I found that I will not be living in this space, so I went a different direction.

The redesign involved redirecting from a hanging design, to one that incorporates a self watering system.  This involves pumping water from containers at the base of the shelving system, up through tubing, and down onto the planter cubbies.  This redesign was relatively seamless and in the end was successful.

The aesthetic that I wanted to achieve is an urban aesthetic.  I feel that I was able to successfully incorporate this into the finished product.  I used exposed steel square tubing and an ‘espresso’ wood stain to contribute to the urban vibe.  I added hints of retro blue to the tubing and water containers as well.  These added to the aesthetic as well.  Finally I used zip ties and exposed water tubing that gave the finished product the industrial feel I was shooting for.  I believe the guest speakers and lectures helped me to understand the development of an aesthetic, and in the end gave me the tools I needed to make a cohesive project.

Going forward I would like to make alterations to my design.  I’d like to redo the tubing and drill smaller holes so the system can run for longer without overwatering the plants.  I’d also like to add another water feed system to the middle shelf of the planter.  Currently there is only direct water flow to the top shelf, and the rest of the planter only gets water from the drip down originating from the shelf above it.  Finally I’d like to put some caps on the tops and bottoms of the square steel tubing, so the project looks a little more finished.

My takeaways from the project and the class in general are too numerous to name them all,  Primarily I learned to design for purpose and aesthetic. I gained experience in combining the two cohesively into one finished product.  This is an invaluable skill for the future, and I will continue to be more ascetic aware when I design in the future.

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