The Peter Mckinnon Aesthetic






I introduce to you the Peter Mckinnon Aesthetic…is it real? Maybe not actively recognized but it is to those who know him. The big player is of course Peter, and he has developed this second persona over the course of his ~15 year photography career. The overall aspect is that all physical objects are clean and black, clothing is dark, gear is black, and overall everything is matching. The impact this mans outfits and ‘vibe’ or look has had on photography is huge. Peter has become so big he now produces camera gear and accessories which are, of course, all black. The aesthetic is very simplistic and attractive to those who like a modern look. The last image comes from a segment he does called “Whats in your pockets” in which he randomly interviews his friends to see what they have. The image is of Peters items, which appear very clean and simple/attractive to the eye. The third picture is him while shooting, fully promoting the all dark and matching clean look, where the second is a packaging of his accessories. You can see in all aspects of his life he creates and keeps this clean dark vibe going. Overall I believe it stemmed from the fact that camera gear is black in general, but painting the walls of your office black must mean you enjoy the aesthetic as well.



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  • Absolutely the Pete aesthetic is real! I had never thought about it in this way although it definitely is it’s own unique ‘look’. I love how you call it out here and draw attention to an aesthetic that I had never truly defined. I also like how you chose a variety of his work from video to his tabletop layouts to the gear he has created and how to all ties into the same aesthetic. I would be interested to hear you talk more about how he translates this aesthetic to his video work as well as stills and how that creates more and different complexities with the added aspect of motion.

    Otherwise, I really appreciated your analysis! #FlyTheFlag!


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