Upcycle Inspiration – Steampunk Fastener

gpid Designs https://gpidesign.com/2015/03/boiling-sculpture-down-to-nuts-and-bolts/

For my upcycling project I am thinking about using leftover fasteners from engineering design projects in order to build what looks like a steam engine.  This will follow the Steampunk Aesthetic.

I got this idea when I was looking around for fasteners for my design project.  As I went through all of the fasteners that have been left unused over the years, I thought this would be a perfect material for the upcycling project.  These bolts and fasteners barely get used, especially because they are so disorganized.  So I just started grabbing handfuls from both the Idea Forge and the ITLL.  I got all sizes, big and small.  This way I have the freedom to explore whatever it is I was going to find or think of.

stl – http://stlfasteners.com/fasteners-definition-types-and-their-purpose-in-general-world/

After a couple days I had thought about how I could use these fasteners in a way that would increase the value in some way.  As I was going across the aesthetics posts, I came across some Steam punk aesthetics.  I couldn’t help but notice all of the fasteners and mechanical things used.  I knew that this could be the aesthetic that I should go for with this material.  I could make anything out of this and could claim the Steampunk aesthetic.

mw industries – https://www.mw-ind.com/brands/hi-performance-fastening-systems

Now I did some research on Steampunk, what it mean, and how to create the aesthetic.  In the definition was the answer to my question of what I would make.  I decided to make a steam engine sculpture made out of these fasteners.

I had to figure out some way of putting these fasteners together.  My first thought was using a hot glue gun we have at the school.  The second was to use some sort of epoxy.  I have gotten both of those and will test out both glues and see which works better.  I want it to look clean and with not too much glue.  We will see how it goes, but those were my inspirations and how I came to decide what I was going to do for this upcycling project.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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  • George, this is a really great idea! I was completely new to this Steampunk aesthetic when it was introduced in class, but I think you are nailing it with this project. Fasteners play into that aesthetic in a perfect way, especially using them to make a steam engine. Hot glue would probably work well and could even be scraped off the fasteners if you need to return them somewhere after you finish this project. How big is this steam engine going to be? Do you have any images of what you are going for?

    • George Faraco
      January 31, 2020 6:22 pm

      Danny, yea it came together perfectly, I am really happy with it. I also had never hear of it, but have seen it before. Ive been trying hot glue, but it is not good enough. I got an epoxy that seems to be working well, but it dries slower than hot glue which is presenting quite a problem. I also plan on keeping this haha. I really like how it is turning out. A cool sculpture to keep around the house. I am making it about 4inx12inx5in. So maybe about 50-100 fasteners for the whole thing. I dont have any images specifically, but I have been looking at steam engines on the internet for inspiration. I will post a picture of the progress soon.


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