Upcycle Progress: Garden Planter

Moving forward into my garden plant box, I took my initial idea and did a few hand sketches to fully figure out what I was planning on doing.  I then acquired my materials from Resource located in boulder. I was able to purchase all of my wood for 8 dollars and 50 cents. I was then able to cut the wood into the sizes needed for my design. My initial concept sketch was transformed to an online sketch done in InDesign shown below.

Since that concept design I have taken it into reality. With all the materials I needed I began fabricating the final design. With all the wood cut into the desired lengths (which depended on the plastic drawers), I was able to paint them. The paint I chose was called Espresso Brown, which I chose to affirm my natural aesthetic. I hope to complete this project with the final artifact giving a natural feeling. The painted wood can be seen below.

The next step was applying the wood to the plastic drawer. I was able to screw in a few of the pieces which set the pace for the overall design. The initial frame can be seen below.

As far as next steps, I need to finish putting all of the wood on the frame of the plastic drawers. After that I need to implement the watering system, which will likely be made out of plastic tubing or any materials I can find that are recycled. After this is finished, some final painting will take place to finish the aesthetic and then the end product will be complete.

All photos and designs are mine.

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  • Austin,
    Wow great design! I especially appreciated the drawings in the beginning of your post, it really helped me visualize the project. What kind of plants are you going to use in your brand new planter? The drainage is also something I thought of while reading your posts and I am sure there is another creative solution you have come up with!

  • Davis Robertson
    February 9, 2020 2:50 pm

    Hi Austin,
    I love the sketch. It seems like you’ve made pretty substantial progress on your project. Is there any drainage for the containers? Otherwise seems like a cool project and cant wait to see the final project!


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