09 Cubes and Contour Bias


Sketching cubes

Universal Principles of Design: Contour Bias


Final (Exam) Expo will be Sunday May 3, 7:30-10 pm in the Idea Forge. Snacks, open to the public. Invite your friends and family.

Great projects, and informative reports. However NO CREDIT WITHOUT FEATURED IMAGE. Use Worktrade to get help, or see me or Behruz if you are still having trouble uploading. Yes, you may have to make an appointment.

Yes, OK to use content from previous posts in Upcycle Final Report, but please integrate it into your narrative. No more future tense.


Then we went over sketching cubes in 2 point perspective, including how to check for common errors.

Spent a little time talking about Contour Bias, how the amygdala is triggered by sharp and pointy objects. People prefer rounded contours, but sharp and pointy are more interesting.

Lecture Notes

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