Main Project Inspiration // Kensue Kiatoukaysy

Acrylic LED lit Sword

For my main project inspiration I was leaning towards making a sword out of acrylic using our school’s laser cutter. However the issue was finding a way to make it dynamic. Doing some research I stumble upon who make and sell many of these swords with a strong light going through them to make them light up. I’ve decided that I will be designing and Cutting my very own Ripper Blade using the resources I have.

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  • Hi Kensue,
    Great idea to continue on your cardboard weapon/shield Upcycle project inspirations. The designs shown in your preliminary search look absolutely awesome. One question I have is how you’re going to make the lights (presumably the dynamic portion of the sword) work in a dynamic manner – will it be programmed via a board which simply changes how the light glows or the color it will be?
    Overall, cool concept, and I look forward to the final product!

  • I really like the way these items look when they are lit up and have designs on them. Have you thought about what design you might etch onto them and if you’re going to make that design yourself?


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