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I haven’t made a final selection for my main project yet, but a couple of ideas include wood/resin coffee table with lights or some sort of machined metal dynamic assembly.

Alexandre Chapelin-

The idea that I am the most attracted to right now is the wood/resin coffee table.  I have seen these pop up many places over the years and they have always peaked my interest.  In order to figure out what I want to do for this project, I have been constantly thinking about it as I go throughout the week.  I mainly want it to serve a function so I have been thinking about if I need any products that I could just design and build myself.  While I was in my room I thought of the wood/resin table becuase I was thinking about my desk and how I liked the wood finish and how large it is.  Then I thought about all of the wood/resin tables I had seen over the past 7 years and thought if I could somehow make it dynamic by putting lights in it or possibly making adjustable legs.  I dont know how I would do either of these yet, but that is how I arrived at the wood resin table.

Here are a couple pictures of the kinda style that I would be going for.  I want it to be a reasonable size (about 4ftx4ft) and with a big resin pool in the middle that looks like water. The one down side to this is that the resin is super expensive, so it might not be doable for now.

FineWoodenCreations –

Alexandre Chapelin -


I havent decided what I would do if I machined something.  If I did I would want it to be useful and very functional.  I also like the aesthetic of shiny metal, so I would want it to look very clean and shiny.  I am going to continue to think about what I need as I go throughout my day for the next week or so and see if I can choose anything.

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  • The resin filled wood has always been a very mesmerizing look. I want to make a table myself but I think the resin will give it a nice touch. Hopefully you can find a really nice piece of wood to do it with. How do you plan to put in the lights for the dynamic aspect? A few months ago I say a vieo of someone who made an epoxy resin with wood night lamp. Here is the link if you want to explore the idea further:

  • I’ve always loved this woodworking trend! The way that resin can be used to completely transform a scrap piece of wood into a totally new creation is super cool! If you do this, be sure to record a time lapse video, because if done right, they can be really entrancing.
    I’m going to try and do some woodworking for my final project, so if you want some help, let me know!
    For the wood, have you given it any thought about where you’ll try and source it from? I’m going to need to do some serious looking to find something that will work and be cheap.

    • Hi Max. Yea I really love this aesthetic. Ok I will try to do the time lapse if I can. And that would be great. I will let you know. I do not have an idea of where I am going to get the wood yet, but when I do, I will let you know.


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