Main Project Aesthetics: Magic Mirror

Chosen Option: Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design aesthetics are based off clean and simple lines. It is meant to be minimal and functional without sacrificing beauty. The aesthetic relies mostly on neutral colors, mostly white with pops of black or tan. There is also a focus on light or unfinished wood.

For my project, this means using either light wood or repurposed wood that looks somewhat unfinished (but still usable without splinters). This makes the mirror just simply wood, maybe will a small accent stripe of white. But the focus will be on simple and clean lines.

Other Option 1: Mid-century modern

This aesthetic features straight lines with organic shapes. It was created in an era where science fiction was popular (think space race era) and therefore there was a huge focus on futuristics designs. When it comes to mirror design, mid-century modern mirrors are usually organic shapes made of medium wood tones.

Other Option 2: Victorian

The Victorian aesthetic is reliant on two-toned colors and extremely ornate design. Patterns are usually layered on top of one another and they take up a lot of the space. A victorian mirror would likely be gold and extremely ornate.


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  • Nicole Leon-Molina
    February 26, 2020 7:27 pm

    Hi Isabella! The re-purposed wood is a nice touch. The idea of making a mirror “dynamic” is a bit tricky but perhaps you could consider including some kind of back lighting that would allow you to hold on to your rustic aesthetic. It would be a bit more modern but the contrast of the light with the wood would be impressive.
    Here is a link so you see what I’m referring to:

  • Hey Bella! I love the idea of using the re-purposed wood for your design. You also briefly mentioned in class incorporating LEDs to backlight the mirror, which I think would be really cool. If you pursue the LEDs, would you go with a different aesthetic than the re-purposed wood? Would you go with something cleaner? Would you go with the mid-century modern look?


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