Design review: reading table

My inspiration for this project comes primarily from the work of George Nakashima and the industrial chic aesthetic. George Nakashima is an american woodworker who chose to keep the live edges on the wood slabs he used to create his furniture believing that nature was the true artist. Much of Nakashima’s work has a modern aesthetic to it keeping angular attributes to the legs to retain the focus on the wooden slab.

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For my piece I would like to incorporate the live wood table top with the pipe legs from the industrial chic aesthetic. This is largely due to two main reasons; one, I think using dark iron pipes will help further draw more attention to the wood of the piece and work well with the other pieces in my room. Secondly, it is relatively cheap and accessible for someone with next to no woodworking experience.

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My piece itself is defined as a circular reading table roughly 2′ in diameter with a height of roughly 3′ supported by 3 legs made of pipe incorporating a movable light fixture.

To do this I will first have to acquire the piece of wood. There is a sawmill outside of town that I need to contact still about getting a circular cross section. If they are unable to do this I may inquire about a similar sized piece of wood in a different geometry or make the tabletop out of planks. Once the wood is acquired I will need to shape it and then treat it. I do not plan on staining the wood because staining good wood is a sin. Once stained I will attach the pipe legs.

Once the main body of the table has been assembled I will evaluate how best to go about attaching the light fixture. Ideally I would like the light fixture to be made by myself out of raw materials, but if time is not on my side I will modify a preexisting light fixture. I want the light fixture to be industrial chic in the sense that it has an edison bulb and dark metal tones.

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I have not thus far done any cad or anything of the sort as much of it will rely on the available materials.

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  • Justin Engbrecht
    March 11, 2020 11:32 am

    As a neutral question live critique, I asked Miles: “Have you looked into sourcing wood from different types of trees to see how their varied natural cross sections and coloration contribute to your desired aesthetic?”

  • Kyle Neubarth
    March 11, 2020 11:28 am

    You seem like you know what you’re doing, your aesthetics are pretty fleshed out and I think you’ll have no problem finishing this.

  • What will your treatment include for the wood? A sealant of some sort so that you don’t have to worry about using coasters every time you have a drink on it?

  • Noah Verspohl
    March 11, 2020 11:28 am

    Statement of meaning:
    I like how you plan to combine the aesthetic of machinery and nature.
    Questions from the audience:
    Drill hole in plate then attach COTS lamp to leg via bolt?

  • Rhys Rueffert
    March 11, 2020 11:27 am

    I like the combination of the two aesthetics in your project that I haven’t necessarily seen before. What mechanism specifically are you going to use for your lighting fixture? Is it easy to source a section of log like that?


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