Design Review Part 2: So… How do I fabricate the hedgehog phone case?

The image itself is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll probably choose at least one route in between the options of ordering 3D printing service online, make the phonecase by hand, or just buy a basic phone case and alter it to fit my design.

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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 4:59 pm

    Hi! Nice flowchart! Neutral Question: do you see any benefit in making the case by hand versus 3D printing versus ordering one and altering it? Sometimes the journey of making something by hand is really profitable, and sometimes it’s worth it to see the project come to life via off-the-shelf methods. What do you prefer?

  • Hello! I liked the flowchart you made – I think it encapsulates a lot of the drama going on right now well. As far as your options at this point, I’d encourage you to still go for a 3D-Printing option as I don’t expect it to be too expensive and we are supposed to invest some into our project. I think that will ensure that it is something that lasts and won’t just be thrown out after this class which is what this is all about. Just my opinion but I’m excited to see what you end up going with!


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