Favorite Youtube design/build videos: Galaxy Witch Room

Just a forewarning, this video does have some bad language in it, but nothing too serious.

I chose this video as my favorite design/build video for a number of reasons. To start, I don’t actually tend to watch a lot of design/build videos. It’s just not something I tend to spend a lot of time looking into unless it’s for a very specific thing (AKA I’m trying something new and desperately need answers, so off to YouTube I go). The first time I saw this video, it was a shortened version that had been posted to Facebook, which I only saw for the first time a few days ago (coincidence? I think not!). I had to go looking for the YouTube channel to find the original full length version. It’s really the first design/build type video that stuck with me and that I thought was interesting or cool.

I also chose this video because I felt it would be different from what a lot of other students may choose. This video is done by somebody who isn’t a professional decorator, she just really wanted to take on this challenge and make it her own. She wasn’t afraid to share her mistakes or frustrations (hence the language warning above). I think it’s really important to remember that you don’t have to be a professional to take on cool projects like a room makeover.

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  • Hi Mary, I love home decorating videos, so this was fun to watch. I thought that some parts of the video could be fast-forwarded or skipped. I did like how she talked through the motivation and process behind the design decisions. I think my favorite part of the video was the humor.

    • I agree, I think there were parts that could have been skipped over or at least glossed over.

  • Benjamin Chang
    April 2, 2020 6:19 pm

    Hey Mary,

    I hope all is going well! I check out your video to see what you wanted to add, and I really liked the overall makeover. I like how instead of focusing on how awesome a room is, the video does a good job of breaking down every piece of the process. A room consists of many different pieces and I think that finding the right amount of things and how you arrange them is important. I laughed about the part regarding filling shelf space with stuff, it seems so simple, yet can be pretty challenging when you are going at without a clue on arrangement composition. I also really appreciate how the viewer isn’t necessarily profession, she makes mistakes and doesn’t account for things, which is good for the viewer because it helps them avoid making similar mistakes. Overall though super cool video Mary! I hope your project is going well!

    • I laughed at the shelf part too, because I’ve definitely found myself in that same predicament! You don’t think it matters too much and then you’re moving things millimeter by millimeter hoping it all comes together perfectly. I also really think it’s important to show how the process is imperfect. A lot of people get discouraged if the only thing they see is the videos claiming it all came together on the first try with no mistakes or bumps in the road. Hope your project is going well, too!


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