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With the current state of the world right now, I have had a couple difficulties that have transformed my original ideas but I actually believe will make for a more interesting project. I have included a new timeline below to show my plan for the upcoming steps for my project, as well as an image of what my final might look like!

To begin, the order I had placed for my materials (including fabric, coloring die, sewing kit, thread, materials -$85 worth :/ ) was put on a hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak until after our final presentations for this project. I took Emi’s advice and looked into “Harajuku fashion” or Tokyo street fashion trends. This style is a movement against strict societal rules and pressures to fit in with the norm. It created a sort of subculture community for anyone to be able to express their individuality.


Currently, one of the major trends is the idea of taking something old, cutting it up and making something completely new out of it, usually with a new shape as well. The name for these clothing stores is called a “Nincompoop Capacity” and they sell original, vintage, remade clothing.

harajuku clothing

Another trend is called “the mode style,” which takes a more minimalist, monotone approach to clothing.

I think the idea of making completely new clothing out of old, recycled clothes is really interesting, fun and something that I can definitely do with the restrictions of the stay at home order. I would never see myself wearing something that the Harajuku fashion style looks like now, so I am going to combine it with the mode style two styles and create a new piece of clothing that is slightly more minimalistic. I think this will be an especially interesting project because I would not necessarily need to sew a new product together, but can find other ways to make old clothing new and interesting. My goal is to create something unique in style but simple in color pallet and design.

NEW* Timeline:

April 1:

  • Gather all of my clothing materials for this project
  • Research sewing techniques/ other ways to use Harajuku techniques
  • Sketch design ideas for new ways to design this clothing

April 10:

  • Will be home (yay!!) with access to a sewing machine
  • Cut up old clothing materials and lay out for sewing
  • Lay out other layers that will be included in the remake

April 13:

  • Sew together final products
  • Iron/ steam/ embroider final product design
  • Room for creating other products


video link from Emi:


images: google images

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  • Bryan Wong
    May 3, 2020 5:51 pm

    Hailee, I really like how you described your process of how you adjusted and changed your design idea due to the current outbreak. I think you did well explaining how you plan to create your new idea and I think your new idea will be very interesting. Your post also was quite educational on the fashion trends in Tokyo.

  • Nathaniel Wang
    April 23, 2020 1:58 pm

    Something that I have really enjoyed seeing is how people are changing pivoting their project based off of the current state of the pandemic. I think your change is perfect without completely changing your original project. I can’t wait to see the final result and what you ended up doing!


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