Main Project Construction Update: Folding Coffee Table

Thanks to the COVID19 quarantine period I am unable to physically build my table. However, I spent my time creating a detailed 3D model of my design in Rhino and Autodesk Fusion 360.

With a base of an oval and extended cylinders, I created a table top and legs for my table.

Through McMaster Carr I borrowed 3D models of hinges, thumb screws, and butterfly nuts to add to my model. Ideally when I build the table, I will be able to access these pieces in a hardware store or simply order them from McMaster Carr.

After putting all the pieces together, in order to allow enough space for the legs to sit flushed with the table top, I carved out rectangular rails on both sides along with additional tight nooks for the adjustable thumb screws to fit.

Lastly, to nicely portray the table in a contextual space, I build a room with a window and a couch and exported it to Autodesk Fusion 360. The software allows me to give all of the elements in the room color and texture before rendering the image. Currently, I’m in the process of creating detail renders of the space to nicely portray my table in a digital physical space.

McMaster Carr Sources

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  • Benjamin Robles
    April 15, 2020 11:39 am

    Hey Nicole,

    That’s a bummer that you will not be able to build the table by the end of the semester, but hey I would encourage you to build it this summer. It is a beautiful table! You should update the slack if you do!

    Also, great job on the rendering, I am not familiar with Fusion 360 (I have heard of it though) but it looks great!

    Best of luck!
    Ben Robles

    • Nicole Leon-Molina
      April 16, 2020 7:14 pm

      Thank you Ben! It’s part of the plan to build it this summer. I’ll definitely update the Slack when I do. That’s a great idea.

  • Hi Nicole! It’s a bummer that you aren’t able to build your table, but I think you pivoted really well! Your renderings look really nice. I am very excited to see how you finish designing the room you put your table in. Do you plan on eventually building this table once quarantine is lifted and machine shops open back up?

    • Nicole Leon-Molina
      April 16, 2020 7:15 pm

      Hi Fiona, yes I do. Hopefully social distancing is over by the time summer comes and I’ll be able to get my hands on some tools and materials.


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