Construction Update: Harajuku Clothing

With the challenging transition of COVID-19 and a change in vision for my final project, I have decided to create a piece of clothing from other clothing with the aesthetics of Harajuku and “the mode style” fashion. The combination of being expressive and confident in creating something new while maintaining a more monotone, minimalist approach parallels my own personal aesthetic of being energetic and confident but easygoing and relaxed.

Below are some inspiration images for my Harajuku sweatshirt.


I have drawn the design for what I’m hoping my final product to look like, sketching how I would imagine my sweatshirt will be. There will be different panels of different blue tones, and hopefully an embroidered design in the back!

Color Palette

I have also acquired all of my materials for this project- old clothing, sewing needle and thread, scissors, and a ruler. This project is going to be very interesting, as I am attempting to sew the final material by hand in hopes to sew over it with a sewing machine once that becomes available to me.

I’m interested to see how the final comes out. I really don’t have high expectations for the stitching and honestly don’t think this is the best approach for me to do, but given the situation of our world right now this is what seams most doable. If anyone has any other recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Recent Update: I am ordering a sewing machine!! So hopefully this project will be a bit easier 🙂


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  • Hailee-
    As you commented on my post, I would like to extend the same to yours, as I appreciated the comment! I really like your redirection and it looks very appealing to me, as it would be interested in wearing, if you happened to make any for men. I had a few questions about the sewing as I used a sewing machine for my upcycled project. What type of sewing machine did you use? What do you imagine the hardest part about sewing your clothing be? Hope everything turns out.


  • Abdulrahman Nashawi
    April 20, 2020 12:14 am

    Hello Hailee! Sorry to hear your project got affected by the current situation. I think your current project looks interesting and a great fit for this situation. For practicing your sewing skills, I would say try some different techniques away from your project first to see which one works best. However, I know this can be challenging due to the time limit where you might not get the chance to practice, but the sewing machine should not take a long time so you should be good. Good luck on finishing up your project!


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