Main project Construction Update

At this point in my project, I was supposed to be done with construction, and have been able to use this week for any unforeseen issues.  Maybe I need to re-sand, or add a stain finish, or the table came out wobbly. However, due to the current state of remaining indoors, I had to resort to making a tutorial online.  Currently, I’m almost done with the rendering. I started making the step-by-step paper as well, but I want to confer with some friends who have made their own furniture.  

I’m having difficulty with determining the best way to endure the table doesn’t wobble. I made three renderings; one with 4 legs that go straight down, one with 3 legs, and one with 4 legs that cross each other.  The one with 4 legs has multiple stringers across the bottom, but attaching the legs to the table at 90 degree angles is the easiest way to install legs. However, this looks the most cluttered (although still minimalist and modern), as well as needs the most wood to build, which is expensive.  The tripod version uses the least amount of wood, and should be the most stable, but appears to be the hardest to install the legs correctly. The final version, the option with 4 legs that are crossed, was modeled after a retractable dinner tray. In this option, each pair of legs crosses once, and there’s one stringer between the two sides.  This option is the most secure when dealing with balance, but I’m unsure of how to measure the angle needed to cut the bottoms so they’re flush against the ground. 


I’m going to start making my presentation this week, and I will choose my final option once I hear back from my furniture-making friends.
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  • Rhys Rueffert
    April 19, 2020 5:13 pm

    Hi Hanna-

    Like Xiang said, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting your physical artificat done in time. If you render your table nicely using grasshopper or something of the sort, you will be able to get some nice shots for your presentation. Hopefully you will be able to finish the table some day, for your own sake and payoff from your hard work. Would have liked to see some screenshots of your renders in this post.

  • Hi, Hannah,

    I don’t know much about your project, but the idea sounds super fun. I think at this point, you shouldn’t be too worried about the real stability or function of the real object, like the it “appears to be the hardest to install the legs correctly”. Don’t worry about it. Since you had your renders done, I’m pretty sure you can make a great presentation out of it.




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