Construction Update – Hydroponics

I have completed the construction of my in-home hydroponics system.

I have also cleaned out the cooler that we’re going to be using for a basin, and cut holes for the output and return tubes. The pump was set up and now runs. I Also set up the power strip with all 4 LED light strips. These lights may not be as powerful as I want, but they were cheep…

Yesterday I planted the seeds in the rockwool. We have 37 plants including arugula, peppers, cilantro and more.

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  • Hi, Davis,

    I have to say this looks super impressive. I have been trying to grow hydroponic plants at home as well, but they are nothing near the scale shown in the picture. It is a very smart choice to secure the pipes against the wall, so that it’s saving the space and allows a lot of plants to grow horizontally. For the LED light strips, I think it definitely would work with the plants, the watts would only affect the time it helps accelerating plants growth. The higher the watts, the faster it grows? Something like that. If you are trying to make the lights more powerful, maybe add a few more strips at the same row, since on the picture, it seems like there is only one strip lighting up one row of the plants.

    Anyway, great job.


  • Justin Engbrecht
    April 18, 2020 2:16 pm

    Hello Davis!

    Been a while since I’ve checked in with your project, and it looks like you’ve pivoted well to a great and very useful installation still within the same general vein as your initial main project inspiration. Did you need to find a specific type of UV emitting LED lights? I also think it looks very clean, and will look even better with growing plants. Do you plan to add any further decoration or aesthetic additions?


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