Aesthetic Roots – Minimal Clothing

The aesthetic of minimal clothing come from the modern and minimalism movement. For me I think has been instilled in me from certain clothing brands such as vineyard vines ( pictured below). They have very small symbols typically or just one. It gives that simple and clean look that I like and that I want to implement in my final project now.


For my project I have three different shirts currently that I am working on changing and so far my minimalism idea is that I want to make my yellow shirt a CU one with black lettering because sko buffs and it would look good on the yellow. I have a pink one that I want to make with the idea of Peter Mckinnon who I had posted about earlier in the semester. I want to take his famous image of Moraine Lake and put it on the back and then his name along the sleeve and symbol on the front pocket (small). Lastly i have a teal shirt in which I want to design a logo for my own brand of photography and videography and place it on there!  I like the simplicity of words on shirts like the one below.

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  • Hailee Pritchard
    April 22, 2020 7:32 pm

    Hey Christopher! I saw your comment on my post and thought I’d reach out on your aesthetic post! I initially was doing a minimalistic aesthetic as well, and I found it challenging making the piece dynamic in a way. What fabric are you using for your project? Do you have any specific functional goals? I’m not in Boulder, otherwise I would say let’s work together! Good luck! 🙂


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