Summing up 2020: Jackson Hootman

My final project for the Aesthetic of Design course was entitled COVID Apparel. This project consisted of making dynamic clothing to encourage social distancing by flashing addressable LEDs red when contact is detected.

All posts relating to this project can be found below:

Project inspirations:

Project aesthetics:

Project constraints:

Project design review 1/2:

Project design review 2/2:

Project construction update:

Project final 1/2:

Project final 2/2:

The first project completed during the Aesthetics of Design course was entitled Upcycling. This project involved utilizing recycled materials to make something of increased value. For my project, I used scrap acrylic to make a rotary storage device modeled off of vintage cigar cases.

Upcycling rotary storage

All posts relating to this project can be found below:

Project inspiration:

Project progress:

Project final:

All other course posts can be found below:

Tessellations exploration:

Inspired by Adam Savage:

Roots of flat design:


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