Favorite Youtube Design/Build Videos – Michael Reeves

My favorite design video is “A Robot Shoots Me When I Get Shot in Fortnite” by Michael Reeves on YouTube. Michael Reeves is a self taught programmer that uses his skills in programming and designing for silly and unorthodox projects such as this one. He adds a lot of satirical humor and comedy that makes his design videos entertaining and fun to watch. In this video he goes over his process of how he creates the code for this project as well as the design aspects to make it functional. He shows test runs and how he changes his design for every iteration. Even though his process isn’t exactly professional, it still gets him to his desired result which I think its admirable.

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  • Hi Bryan,

    I’ve always loved watching Michael Reeves. His videos are always top quality in editing and projects. While it may not be completely professional, he may not go in-depth with his builds or designs, but he gets the very skeleton of the design, whilst providing great entertainment.


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