Welcome! Getting Ready for Spring 2021

Wow, it’s past time to update all this! Happy New Year!

I want to welcome all students to the class this semester. This class can be as large as needed, and is open to all upper division students and grad students in the College of Engineering here at the University of Colorado Boulder, including Creative Technology and Design. If you are having trouble enrolling, let me know and together we can get you in. I’m also welcoming students from all other programs on the CU Boulder campus; drop me an email to see if this course is right for you. If you are not from the CU Boulder campus I’m open to having you join us, but I have no idea if the administrative details can be worked out. We can try. Having students from diverse backgrounds really improves the class for everybody.

This semester we’ll be meeting remotely via Zoom, probably  all semester. Maybe we can get together in person for final project presentations in May; we’ll have to see how the pandemic goes.

Stay tuned to this column. I’ll be updating the schedule and syllabus in the next couple of days. There is an accompanying Canvas course, but it’s only for administrative stuff; all the good content is out here in the open.

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