Christmas Aesthetics

For my Upcycle project, I had to search for quite some time. At the beginning of the semester when we discussed our comfort levels with design I rated myself at the very bottom of the list. Therefore, it was easier for me to think about my favorite seasons and holidays as inspiration for my project. After much thought, I finally arrived on my project idea which was a Christmas aesthetic as I enjoy the winter season, Colorado, and Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday.

60 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas - Best Christmas Tree Decorations

39 Aesthetically Pleasing Christmas Trees That'll Make You Say "Goals"

As seen in both of these images above, there are two different ways in the which the Christmas aesthetic can be portrayed. In the first photo there is a Christmas tree with various colors creating a vibrant display of ornaments. In the second picture there is a more simplistic aesthetic as we see a majority of the decorations are a white color. These two images of the same aesthetic are completely different which in my mind makes Christmas such a fun and exciting holiday. Also being with family and maybe getting a few presents doesn’t hurt either.

Pin on Budweiser Beer christmas tree

Beer Can Tree | Beer christmas gifts, Easy diy christmas gifts, Christmas beer

For my project, I plan to use different light beer cans such as Keystone Light, Bud Light, Coors Light, and others to recreate a Christmas aesthetic. Using different cans will create a sense of Christmas as it will look like the Christmas tree is being decorated with different colored lights or ornaments. The goal of the project is to use recyclable materials laying around the house. Luckily, living with multiple roommates, we have a few beer cans laying around. Using a hot glue gun to mold my cans together, I will construct a Christmas tree which will depict the Christmas aesthetic.

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Lastly, I wanted to touch on the family aspect of the holidays and more importantly Christmas. Growing up in a tight knit family, Christmas has been the time everyone gets to spend multiple days of uninterrupted family time. Thus, Christmas is important to myself and my family and creating a Christmas aesthetic will remind me of my family.

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  • James Brown
    May 2, 2021 9:54 am


    I like what you have explored here. It was especially cool to come back and read this after seeing the final product. I think that you really did a good job achieving your aesthetic. I think it would be really cool to see what other themes you could achieve with can selection.

  • Hi Branden,

    Great idea to start off with an aesthetic that you’re comfortable with. I would suggest using Genessee for the beer cans if that’s what you decide to do: the silver, white, and red colors would go really well with this upcycle project, especially given the Christmas aesthetic. I think it’d also be fun to use the cases for the beer themselves, I think that’d be a cool way to bring in some additional upcycle material and boost the creativity. Again, I really like embracing the family aspect of the Christmas aesthetic, so my question to you is: are there any beers that your family drinks together in the holidays? I think a great addition would be adding in that family connection by the selection of which beers you use. This should look great – I’m excited to see the final product!

    • Branden Tangney
      February 8, 2021 1:46 pm

      Hi Chris,

      I like the suggestion for the Genessee and the color scheme that goes along with it. Although that is not my favorite beer of all time! As for the cases, I never even considered using them as another element to the project. I will have to remember to save my cases now and see how I can incorporate them. The base of the tree is constructed out of a beer my family always drinks around the holiday season and I think it encompasses the overall idea of the project. I will be sure to touch on that in my final report to emphasis the importance of family and how my project helps remind me of my family. Thanks for the ideas!


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