Outdoorsy Personal Aesthetic

For most of my life I have personally identified with the outdoorsy aesthetic. Until very recently most of the clothes I owned had some sort of functional purpose, besides of course being clothes. Take my pants for example. The Jeans I wore also served as my work jeans, and any other pair of pants or shorts I owned were made of lightweight materials that were good for hiking.  Recently, however, I have realized that looking like I just got back from a backpacking trip isn’t always the best look, so I have started to upgrade my wardrobe to less functional, but better looking clothing.

I do think the outdoorsy aesthetic speaks to me the most though, and I tend to enjoy wearing things that are comfortable but also capable. I love being outside, hiking, fishing, skiing and exploring, and I think my personal aesthetic reflects that as a way to both keep me connected to the things I love, and to give me flexibility when I want to go do something outside on a whim. I also think I inherited some of that aesthetic from my mom and dad. When they aren’t dressed professionally, their clothes usually look like they’re ready to go do something outside.

My final project will be a gift for my dad, and because he shares some aspects of his personal aesthetic with me, I will be incorporating elements of nature, functionality and flexibility into my project. Creating a digital picture frame that fits into the aesthetic of nature will likely require a frame with laser cut engravings. The “functionality” aspect comes from the overall operation of the frame. It must be capable but easy to use, elegant, but in a sense rugged like the outdoors. The “flexibility” aspect of this project I think inherently lies in the fact that the frame will be able to display any image my dad wants. One day a beautiful natural scene, the next some old school photos, the frame will be as flexible as the aesthetic we both ascribe to.


Photo 5: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/387309636710026178/


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  • Hey Jake,

    I find it kind of strange that we have to comment about other people’s aesthetics. After all it’s up to each individual what the heck they want theirs to be and it’s difficult to ask questions about it. I like that you incorporated your own pictures into your blog post. I can see why you wanted to be in Colorado for school to go along with your aesthetic.

  • Branden Tangney
    March 10, 2021 1:20 pm

    Hi Jake!

    I think the outdoorsy aesthetic is very common going to school in Boulder and one reaches a large audience of people. Similar to active wear aesthetics I think that outdoor clothes can be worn casual which is also why this lifestyle attracts such a large audience or following. As for your final project, I think the use of flexibility and nature is unique and can be tied together in a very nice way. Do you plan to do some woodwork to create the frame or any other methods of fabrication to incorporate nature into the overall design? I am excited to see this picture frame come to life!


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