Project Sketches and Aesthetics

For my project, determining the aesthetic was a bit easier to define once I sketched out different parts of the artifact I am aiming to produce. Below is a visual of Thanos’ Gauntlet.

Given the visual above you can see the different ways in which the metal is intertwined. This intricate work can be seen in the Viking aesthetic. Provided in my previous blog post I mentioned how Thanos’ Gauntlet came from the same place as Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir). Thor’s hammer is also mentioned in Norse mythology. This comparison helped me relate Thanos’ Gauntlet to the Viking and Norse mythology aesthetics. One other visual aspect of the Gauntlet is the flowing lines of metalwork that are incorporated throughout the design. 

From the sketches above it was pretty difficult to sketch as detailed as I wanted on an assembly. Given this difficulty, I decided to sketch a general assembly and divide the Gauntlet into seven individual sections. The sketches were still difficult to make accurate given my drawing capabilities. Splitting the Gauntlet into sections also provided me with a general idea of how I can section out my work when actually assembling my artifact. 


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Featured Image: 

Picture 2: (screenshot from website)

Picture 3,4,5: Pictures of my sketches

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  • Hi Hunter,
    I love the choice of aesthetic of your project.
    I like Norse Mythology and keeps getting sucked more and more to learn about Vikings, in fact due to this, I have grown up to like Norse folk music.
    Your project makes me dwelve into Viking inspired gauntlets to that I say, Why not! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your final build.

  • Hey Hunter,

    I’m really excited to see how this project turns out. I’m glad you found an esthetic that it fits into being Viking. Do you think that you are going to stick with this esthetic or do you think you are going to put an original spin on it such as futuristic?

  • Andrew Thorson
    March 20, 2021 10:31 am

    I think that this project sounds really interesting. I am excited to see how you plan to manufacture this project. Two different aesthetics I can think of that contrast you Viking aesthetic that I think could work well with your project are a steampunk aesthetic or a futuristic space aesthetic. I think either of those or your original aesthetic will work great.


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